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Stonefish_[Studios] is an equal-opportunity company, geared to excellence in service in the Film, Video, Television and New Media industries.

Founded in 2000, as a New Media/IT/Web Design and Development business, our experience in Film Production, topped with client requirements, has led us back to Video Production as our mainstay.

As is typical in the film industry, we have a small production office, and are staffed by specialist free-lancers of all ages, races and nationalities, on an ad hoc basis, due to differing job specifications.

The variation on different productions that we undertake ensures that we constantly require all levels of expertise within these various specialist areas (Lighting, Camera Support, Makeup & Stylists etc), so employment is job-specific, which, with it's ever-changing nature, provides employment opportunities for everyone, from youngster's entering the industry, to seasoned professionals.

Salaries/day rates for crew members are paid according to experience level, and in strict accordance with Crew Rates and Working Conditions, as laid out by the CPA, which may be viewed at the following URL :

Camera and production crew are supplied to us via BEE-certified crew agencies such as Call-a-Crew and Hotshots, and casting is done in-house or through one of the many Casting Agencies that South Africa has to offer.

These agencies evaluate expertise level, and supply cast and crew
accordingly. However, there is always room, and allowances made,
for beginners who are willing to learn,as the best experience in our
field is hands-on, on-set.

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Internet Solutions
Harmony Gold
Investment Cars
Ferrari Automobili Club

Round Table Southern Africa
Sun City
Sheer Records
Sheer Music
Passage One Music
The Antfarm (Streaming Video live on the Net)....Yay!
Acta Digital
TS Afrika
Outlook Media
Barons Court Construction group
Mersey Sound
Respiratory Care Africa
Reuseable Objects
Learning Advantage
NMD Advertising

Rich Products Corporation
Music Videos for top SA Artists


Some of our most-recent Stills Photography - SABC's legendary M5 studio