Film and Video                                 back to top of the page

We bring your vision to life on screen.

Wether it be a corporate, music video, television production, event, or the far reaches and exacting endeavours of underwater photography through to promo spots and commercial productions, we will endeavour to service your every requirement.

Our long-term affiliations with industry mainstays assures you of a proffessional service in all instances.

Direction                                           back to top of the page

We can Direct and Produce any project, large or small.

We will also source Speciaist Directors for any specific requirements you may have, along with First Assistant Dirctors, ensuring the successful
outcome of your production.

filming and crew
Filming and Crew                                 back to top of the page

South African Film Crew are rated to rank amongst the best in the world.

We source our crew members from reputable and well-established crew agencies, ensuring our clients of a high level of experience and technical expertise on any given production.

arial video
Arial Video                                           back to top of the page

From cranes to helicopters, microlights and specialist rigs, we'll get the camera in the air.



underwater video
underwater video                                   back to top of the page

South Africa's coastline, with it's rich fauna and flora, is the perfect setting for underwater photography.

The abundance and wide diversity of marine life offers the opportunity for some of the finest imagery in the world.


locations                                                back to top of the page

All over beautiful South Africa, are locations to fit any film or video endeavour.

We source the best for your project, according to brief and budget.

South Africa's widespread nature conservancy, wealth of wildlife and biodiversity, has made it a choice location for natural content.

Vastly different landscapes, all within easy travelling distance from our 3 major centres, Cape Town, Durban & Johannesburg, gives us easy access to a wide variety of settings, allowing us to achieve the footage required for anything from corporate to commercial productions.

From cityscapes to rambling shacks, mountain views to rolling desert, state-of-the-art interiors to majestic old coloninial buildings, rural scenes and coastal views, South Africa has it all.



corporate productions
corporate productions                                  back to top of the page

We tailor-make your corporate video according to your requirement and budgetary allowances, ensuring you of a finished product that is both a sound marketing tool as well as an accurate overview of your company's activities.



We will assist in the scripwriting process, or write your entire script for you.

More on this on the Scriptwriting page.



We source the correct Voice-Over Artist for all our productions as well as for your corporate/video requirements.

More on this on the Voice & Studio page.



We take care of all Artist Licensing requirements, and negotiate terms and yearly useage for different mediums on your behalf.

More on this on the Voice & Studio page.



We take care of all Recording Studio requirements.

More on this on the Voice & Studio page.

Our own in-house facilities are currently under construction, and we will soon be able to supply voice-over and audio Post Production environments.


We will supply all necessary Music Composition for any production.

More on this on the Voice & Studio page.



We take care of all Music Licensing.

More on this on the Voice & Studio page.



We supply coherent Shot Lists, alongside a voice-over script.

More on this under "Storyboards" on the Facilities page.



We supply Story Boards for productions if these are required by clients.

More on this under "Storyboards" on the Facilities page.



music videos
music videos                                  back to top of the page

Years of experience in music and an inherent knowledge of musical instruments, alongside the experience-base from working on, and as DP's on music videos for outside production companies, gives us a solid grounding in the genre.

We produce and facillitate all forms, large and small, from one-man-acts through to animated content, as well as live concerts shot on several cameras.



documentaries                                 back to top of the page

We do both long and short-form documentaries.

Wether it be the simple documenting of a given project, or an endeavour that requires in-depth research and pre-production, we supply an end-to-end service, including facilities, voice-over and scripting.

commercials                                     back to top of the page

Central to our no-nonsense ethic in client-service, we will endeavour to produce top-quality commercial productions, at all levels, tailor-made to your budget.


We cater to commercial productions for both corporate in-house, as well as television format marketing.



We have well-established relationships with animators, and can supply animation in all forms, from sketch animation through to full 3D environments, modelling, and character animation, and are looking to bring animation in-house on completion of our Facilities project.


film productions
film productions                                  back to top of the page

Currently in script, screenplay and storyboarding stage, our first film production is set to move into the pre-production stage by early November this year, and shooting will commence in January 2014.

The film is aiming to use all unknown artists, who have been cast for their parts purely on their characters and personalities.



Stills from our footage - Click for enlarged views (coming soon).








All over Beautiful South Africa





Nedbank 1



Nedbank 2



Respiratory Care Africa



Rich Products Corporation



Round Table Southern Africa



Acta (Pty) Ltd



Sangari South Africa










Recording the Zone Buskers


Supersport 3 : Africa Soccer Promotional Spot 1


Supersport 3 : Africa Soccer Promotional Spot 2


Central Africa : Animated Commercial : Maltina Beer is Good for You !